How BCAAs Can Help You Burn Fats Prior to Cardio

burn fats

A month out of the 2017 calendar, how is your weight loss goal for the New Year doing? Are you frustrated that you are not getting the results you pictured during the New Year? Are you having a difficult time burning fats? Maybe you are ready to give up already?

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in this scenario. But don’t give up just yet! Let’s take a closer look why you are not getting the results you wanted.

There are a number of factors that can affect your progress. It is possible that you don’t have enough muscle mass that can burn fats even at rest. It is also possible that you don’t get enough nutrition from food and supplements that you are taking. Or maybe, it can be your age wherein you no longer have the optimum testosterone level.

How do you solve these problems?

burn fats

How do you deal with these problems? Also, is it possible to burn fats even before doing cardio? The answer can be found in BCAAs.

Before discussing branched-chain amino acids, what are essential amino acids? What makes it different from BCAAs? Essential amino acids are amino acids that the body can’t produce. These are amino acids we get from our diet.

On the other hand, BCAAs are three essential of the nine essential amino acids that are known for their numerous benefits including fat loss. BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

What makes BCAAs a good option for fat loss?

Building and maintaining your muscle mass are two important concepts needed in order to lose body fats. Muscle mass plays a major role in burning more calories even during your resting state.

BCAAs and other amino acids play a major role in developing muscles. It can come in handy especially when you are on caloric deficit diet. During caloric deficit, the body is forced to use protein for energy. This can be a counterproductive scenario given that it potentially reduces the body’s muscle mass. The simplest answer to this problem is to provide BCAAs.

The body requires 1 to 1.5grams of protein per kilogram in order to develop muscles. Unfortunately, a lot of people trying to lose weight also lose their muscle mass.

Unlike protein coming from whey, branched-chain amino acids are easily absorbed by the body. Amino acids from whey supplements are peptide bound. It takes some time before it becomes available for the skeletal muscles.

On the other hand, BCAAs are available immediately for the skeletal muscles, reducing the chances of muscle catabolism. BCAAs can also help promote protein synthesis which can help build muscle mass.

In addition to this, BCAAs don’t contain extra calories. Therefore, you can easily maintain your muscle mass without worrying about fats.

Better insulin sensitivity

insulin sensitivity

BCAAs also help improve insulin sensitivity among healthy individuals. Insulin sensitivity prevents the body from turning glucose to fats. Instead, glucose is transformed as muscle glycogen for fuel. This scenario helps the body in coping with strenuous activities.

BCAAs, Fat Loss, and Testosterone?

Next, let’s discuss the T hormone. Testosterone level plays many different metabolic roles in the body. It affects how the body is going to absorb or burn fats. Men with lower levels of testosterone are more prone to obesity.  With low testosterone level, they are more likely to store fats than build muscles and burn more calories.

According to studies, BCAAs can raise testosterone level when combined with resistance training. It can be maximized by doing high-intensity low-rep workouts, rather than workouts such as running.

Can even help improve your performance!

Branched-chain amino acids can also come in handy during strenuous activities. How exactly does it work? It is believed that BCAAs reduce the amount of serotonin in the brain which is responsible for fatigue.

Tryptophan turns into serotonin once it enters the brain. BCAA competes with tryptophan to prevent elevated serotonin levels. It simply means that BCAAs can help you do more activities to burn fats.

Food containing BCAAs

burn fats bcaas

There are foods that contain a good amount of BCAAs. Chicken, beef, eggs, and salmon are samples of these food options. Aside from food, you can also take BCAA supplements if you feel that you are not getting enough from your meals.

A smart and scientific approach to burn fats

Doing more cardio especially without the right supplements can hurt your progress. If you plan burn fats efficiently, it is important to have the right workout and the right supplements at the right time.

Cardio should be done sparingly if you wish to maximize its benefits. Instead, it is important to introduce new workouts to the body. It is also important to include BCAAs in your pre-workout and even post-workout supplements to achieve the best results.

Do you plan to incorporate BCAAs to burn fats? Or have you tried using any of the things we discussed? Feel free to leave a comment!

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