Real Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

losing weight

Losing weight this 2017? Are you planning to start the year right by finally getting rid of the excess weight you’ve gained over the years? Have you found yourself in a vicious cycle of doing fad diets, spending tons of money, but still end up with the same problem all over again? Then, you’re not alone in this struggle.

According to studies, 21.4% of New Year’s Resolutioners for 2017 planned to lose weight this year. Unfortunately, only a fraction of those individuals will get to see positive results. Most of them will just forget that they started the year with a goal.

It’s a common scenario wherein you lose a couple of pounds, in the beginning, only to end up gaining more after a few weeks. It can be frustrating and can go downhill for a lot of individuals from there. Why exactly are you not losing weight? Here are some common reasons that you might want to look into.

You are losing weight, but that’s just water

losing water

If you measure your weight regularly, you’ll notice how your weight fluctuates. Don’t be confused if your weight tends to fluctuate up or down by a few pounds. That’s because your body might be storing fluids or discarding fluids. What affects water retention? It can be your hormones and the food that you eat.

But the idea is not just to lose the water weight. The idea is to lose a certain fat percentage of your body which you can gauge through your pants, or even how well your clothes fit.

Your hormones are no longer in normal level

You’ll notice among obese individuals that they have low testosterone level. Low testosterone level may contribute to insulin resistance which can then make you fat. There are times when the first step that you need to take is to make sure that you have a good testosterone level in your body.

It isn’t surprising why men who underwent testosterone replacement therapy can significantly improve their body mass index only in a short period of time.

You are losing muscle mass

losing weight, muscle mass

It’s a common mistake among individuals to starve the body. If you are too conscious simply on the number of calories that your body takes, and not getting enough proteins, then it is possible that your body is going to lose a muscle mass.

What happens when you lose muscle mass? That’s when your body starts to slow down in keeping your weight down. It’s also a common dilemma that your body starts to store fats. And just when you thought you are making progress, it’s a one step forward, two steps backward scenario.

You are starving yourself

The worst mistake that you can do is to starve yourself. It is possible to lose some weight when you don’t eat, but this isn’t a good weight loss plan. It may help you achieve immediate weight loss, but don’t expect to maintain your weight for too long.

Starving yourself not only eats up your muscle mass, and therefore slows down your metabolic rate; it can also trigger your body to store body fats.

Instead, what you can do is to schedule your meals throughout the day. Yes, you can decrease the number of calories that you eat, but never starve yourself for a couple of hours. Not only is this a painful experience, it also doesn’t translate to fat loss.

You are not eating high-quality food

healthy meals

You may be meeting your calorie requirement, but is your body healthy? Keep in mind that in order to let the body run efficiently and burn calories like how it is supposed to, it has to be fed by high-quality foods. Therefore losing weight isn’t just about quantity of food, but rather about the quality of food you take, as well.

In a published study by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, high glycemic diet (diet containing refined grain, sugar, and starch) can actually make you gain more weight. In addition to this information, it was mentioned that sticking to lower glycemic alternatives can help you lose more weight. Simply put, some foods make you gain weight, while there are some foods that will help make you lose weight.

You are not taking the right supplements

Food is sometimes not enough in order for you to lose weight. It is crucial that you also take the right supplements. Branched chain amino acids, for instance, are growing in popularity. Not only does it help maintain the muscle during caloric deprivation, it can also help build muscle along with foods that contain the right amount of protein.

You are simply running

weighing scale

What kind of workout do you actually do? If you are simply running, you’d be surprised that you can actually lose more weight if you started to lift in the gym. According to studies, weight training can boost your metabolic rate 36 hours after your workout.

On the other hand, when you simply run, you simply burn calories. That being said, you will need to run long durations in order to lose weight in running. On the other hand, sprints can create a similar effect as lifting weights. But of course, let’s admit that not everyone has good knees for that kind of exercise.

Are you now ready to start losing weight?

If you are now ready to set the next remaining days of 2017 towards achieving not only weight loss but fat loss, then it is a good idea that you have a smart approach to your diet, supplements, and workouts in general.

First, make sure that you fix your testosterone level. If you’ll notice, age especially when you hit your 40s goes hand in hand with weight gain. This phenomenon is considered normal because of the expected drop in your body’s testosterone. Next, it is important that you perform different workouts plus you invest on the right kind of supplement. BCAAs make a huge impact especially for an individual planning to achieve weight loss.

How did things go for you? We’d love to know how you progressed over the months! Feel free to leave a comment below!

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